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Whois database download

You can now see Whois database information when searching for domains using

We have downloaded a partial subset of the whois database and made the whois results available to our users, when displaying results with domain details.

How to query directly the whois server database?

Use this address to search domains with whois information:

According to, the complete whois database contains 125 million records. They have a service of whois database download, but charge prices according to the number of whois records (plans starts with a fixed price for downloading 1 million whois records or search whois on demand or download the whois complete database). They also offer historic whois database download and also records not only for the ".com", ".org", ".net", ".gov" but also from other countries and top level domain extensions (, .de, .ca and more).

Other whois providers also can make the database available. For example ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) only provide whois database download (bulk whois data) for non-commercial use.

Post by digdo (2012-12-02 17:18)

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