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DIG - Domain Information Gathering is a free online website analyzer and web directoryDomain information retrieved by includes not only automatically retrieved information using our spider bots but also manually included reviews, selectioned sites and domains, user suggested domais, categorization, tags, selected images from each site, SEO analysis and more.

Geolocation: Country and city where the domain and server is located. Language, top level domain extension, company location.

Server information: Web server, ISP (Internet Service Provider), operating system, whois details (owned by, domain owner).

URL and request details: Requested URL, response, redirected to, accessed correctly, header response, page load time.

Content details: Page title, keywords, description, page length, most common words and phrases.

Tools used by each domain: Analytics, Ads/Banners, development framework.

With you can list top Internet sites by category, country, rank and domain name.

Post by digdo (2012-11-19 11:44)

From: semsem
thanks for all 2014-06-03 16:04

From: Igor
How to stop and pointing thousands of spammy links to my site? 2013-05-30 12:21

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